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Vagenius is not just a podcast for women. Do not let the name scare you away if you are a male. In fact, if you are a male, you will obtain a wealth of female knowledge that makes you the coolest cat with all your compadres. You may discover why you haven't been able to find her G spot or why your partner may be faking an orgasm. The point is that we want for all topics to be fair game so you too can be a Vagenius.Your host is Dr. Elena Rodriguez, a no holds barred gynecologist from Southern California who will help you navigate the complex female world. This podcast is intended to enlighten both males and females on medical, social, psychological and sexual issues. We will tackle the taboos and make things simple to understand. Subscribe, comment and share. Please send us your questions or topics that you would like discussed through our Instagram account @dr.elenarodriguez or email: Thank you so much or tuning in.