HPV with Dr. Elena Rodriguez

October 16, 2020 Elena Season 1 Episode 16
HPV with Dr. Elena Rodriguez
Show Notes

HPV is the 4th leading type of cancer diagnosed among women. 530,000 cases are diagnosed each year worldwide with 260,000 cases of cancer deaths associated with HPV. HPV also affects men and it accounts for 10% of penile cancers. Oral HPV can lead to tongue and tonsillar cancer and it is not just transmitted with oral sex (you can get it with open-mouth kissing).

There are 200 types of HPV and it only affects humans. Most infections can resolve within one year if you have a healthy immune system and do not smoke or drink heavy alcohol.  If you are infected with the virulent type HPV16 and 18 the risk of cancer increases. Cutaneous HPV 6 and 11 cause plantar warts, flat warts, butcher's warts and they tend to be benign. Genital warts are contagious and should be removed.

HPV vaccine has been shown to  Reduce the prevalence of hpv related cancers by up to 86%. Contrary to popular belief, HPV vaccine is not a live virus, it is a protein produced by the virus which will help your body recognize HPV as a foreign invader.  The vaccine is available for all women and men.

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