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Limbic Light Podcast

Maniisha Bluntschli

Limbic Light Podcast is a show dedicated to spreading information all about light, colour and other innovative energy-based therapies for therapists, carers and the curious health seekers.It is specifically designed to assist in delivering tips and methods to create optimal body, brain and mood in natural and safe ways. Topics include photobiomodulation, colour therapies, (chromo therapeutics), monochromatic light, low level laser, red and near infrared light therapies, transcranial therapy, audio-visual brain entrainment, auricular therapy, sound, microcurrent, photodynamic, ozone, ultraviolet therapies, circadian rhythms, sunlight, artificial junk light and more.The host, Maniisha Bluntschli, brings you the very best information and wisdom that she has gained from over 35 years clinical experience helping people with acupuncture, herbal medicine and light therapeutics.