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EP009 Frozen Light –The Use of Colour in Crystal Point Therapies, with Simon Cribb

July 16, 2020 Maniisha Bluntschli Season 1 Episode 9
Limbic Light Podcast
EP009 Frozen Light –The Use of Colour in Crystal Point Therapies, with Simon Cribb
Show Notes

Today’s Guest

Simon Cribb originally trained as a physiotherapist, then later as an acupuncturist. He runs two clinics in the South West of Western Australia, where he uses many cutting edge technologies, including Physiokey technology, SCENAR, Feldenkrais method and low level laser therapy.

Simon delves deeply into the metaphysical aspect of the human being by using Yogic philosophies, chinese acupuncture and other mind-body healing techniques such as Body Harmony and Colourpuncture.

One of his greatest passions is working with precious stones, gems and crystals in combination with colour to bring about changes in both physical and emotional states of being.

Today, he will be discussing how he uses crystals which he considers to be a form of ‘frozen light’, with colour therapeutics, to help people move through human suffering and pain, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You’ll Learn

  • Three main areas to treat with crystals and light – gut, heart and head
  • Second chakra issues, symptoms and how to treat 
  • How to use colour & crystals for helping anxiety 

Key Notes

  • Simon explains his journey  how he began to help people on more subtle levels of health (2:39)
  • Energy transference between therapist and client, and how crystals can assist (6:08)
  • Crystal and light therapies are both information therapies (7:41)
  • The properties of crystals as energy field stabalizers, creating more order in electro-magnetic fields (8:34)
  • Peter Mandel and Darius Dinsha’s chromotherapy systems and  how they relate to using crystals (9:45)
  • How crystals absorb and reflect specific wavelengths of light (11:30)
  • How crystals are effective to work on gut and heart level, whereas colour light works more on brain levels (12:41)
  • Simon’s work using crystals for mood conditions. An example case of helping a grieving widow (13:47)
  • The heart energy centre has symptoms –  for both depleted and balanced (15:13)
  • Simon explains his method of assessment, using intuition and dowsing (16:56)
  • Simon shares another case where a father being helped energetically had distant healing effects for his daughter (21:40)
  • Rose coloured stones help the heart (23:50)
  • The areas and acupuncture points which Simon uses to apply crystals (25:40)
  • The gut brain is controlled by the second chakra or the dan tien (26:18)
  •  Losing energy in second chakra makes social withdrawal.(26:40)
  • Technology can lower energy in second chakra (27:25)
  • Stones and protocols for carers who are struggling – black to get really stuck energy mobile, green or yellow to detox, or home colour of second chakra, orange to give energy,  or if in emotional body, a more pastel colour like rose quartz (27:50)
  • Taping stones to crystal can create reactions which guide how long the crystals need to stay on the body (29:00)
  • Anxiety is a field agitation from the energy body, at gut or heart level (31:00)
  • Anxiety can be helped by using calming cooling colours, green through to violet. Locate area where anxiety exists, and work with this area (31:40)
  • If anxiety exists in heart, use paler colours. If acute emergency, use turquoise colours or stones. If long standing, use amethyst (32:00)
  • Chronic anxiety is a sign of deficiency. Treat alternating between cooling down and warming up frequencies  (32:45)
  • Simon explains how body symptoms are a soul messages asking for change (33:50)
  • Crystal Point Therapy can be condensed into using  ten well tested crystals  (36:00)

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