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Simone Rizkallah

The Endow Podcast is a forum for women to foster conversations about the intellectual life and intentional community for the cultivation of the feminine genius. What’s on your mind and heart? Let our host Simone Rizkallah know by emailing her at [email protected] Want to start your own Endow Group? Learn more by emailing [email protected] or check out the website at

Recent Episodes

84. Poetry & Pinot: A Conversation with Margaret PerryOctober 19, 2021 Episode artwork 83. The Feminine Genius in The Little Sisters of the Poor: A Conversation with Sr. Joseph Marie CruzOctober 12, 2021 Episode artwork 82. A Conversation with Jen Fulwiler on the Intellectual Life and Embracing ImperfectionsOctober 05, 2021 Episode artwork 81. By What Authority? Part II: A Conversation with Joe HeschmeyerSeptember 28, 2021 Episode artwork 80. BONUS EPISODE- Address of Pope St. Paul VI to Women on December 8, 1965September 26, 2021 Episode artwork 79. By What Authority? Part I: A Conversation with Joe HeschmeyerSeptember 21, 2021 Episode artwork 78. The Vice of Sloth: Laura interviews Simone!September 14, 2021 Episode artwork 77. The Virtue of Leisure: Laura interviews Simone!September 07, 2021 Episode artwork 76. The Feminine Genius & St. Therese of Lisieux: A Conversation with Heather KingAugust 31, 2021 Episode artwork 75. The Four Cardinal Virtues: Annette interviews Simone!August 24, 2021 Episode artwork 74. Wife, Mother, and Archduchess: A Conversation with HRH Kathleen de Habsbourg-LorraineAugust 17, 2021 Episode artwork 73. Bonus Episode: The Hormone Genius & Humanae Vitae: A Conversation with Teresa KenneyJuly 25, 2021 Episode artwork 72. Men and Women of the Household: A Conversation with Dr. John CuddebackJune 29, 2021 Episode artwork 71. A Conversation with Claire Fyrqvist Endow’s Newest Study Author on Catholic Social TeachingJune 22, 2021 Episode artwork 70. Sex, Marriage, and Parenting: A Conversation with Helen AlvareJune 15, 2021 Episode artwork 69. Reading aloud, thinking deeply, living well: A Conversation with Douglas MinsonJune 08, 2021 Episode artwork 68. Catholic Social Teaching: A Conversation with Russell HittingerJune 01, 2021 Episode artwork 67. Women Priests: A Conversation with Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.May 25, 2021 Episode artwork 66. Rosarium Virginis Mariae Endow Study Audio Chapter 1May 18, 2021 Episode artwork 65. Mary, Macrina, and Monica: A Conversation with Rob CorzineMay 11, 2021 Episode artwork 64. Restoring Love: A Conversation with Bella BryantMay 04, 2021 Episode artwork 63. Bonus episode: Pray the Rosary with Endow!May 03, 2021 Episode artwork 62. Bonus episode: Join us on April 29th! St. Catherine of Siena Webinar!April 29, 2021 Episode artwork 61. The Four Female Doctors of the Church: A Conversation with Michelle BenzingerApril 27, 2021 Episode artwork 60. Setting the World Ablaze: St. Catherine of Siena Endow Study Audio Chapter 1April 20, 2021 Episode artwork