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On the Christian Meaning of Suffering (Salvifici Doloris): A Conversation with Anna Heschmeyer [REBROADCAST]

April 04, 2023
The Endow Podcast
On the Christian Meaning of Suffering (Salvifici Doloris): A Conversation with Anna Heschmeyer [REBROADCAST]
Show Notes

Editor's Note:  This is a re-broadcast.  It was originally published in October 2022.

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On this episode, Simone Rizkallah, Director of Program Growth, interviews Anna Heschmeyer on how John Paul II's Apostolic Letter on suffering was an experience of transformation and healing and what kept her in the Catholic Church. 

Anna Heschmeyer is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Missouri and Kansas. Anna grew up in Southern California and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Thomas Aquinas College and a Master of Science degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

While Anna felt an early pull toward working with others in a therapeutic context, her path took her on some other turns first. After college, she worked for Catholic Answers in San Diego, then worked in parish ministry in the Washington, D.C. area for several years. After this, she moved to Phoenix, where she worked as a high school guidance counselor while pursuing her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

Anna came to Kansas City in 2018, when she married her husband, Joe. They now have a wonderful toddler who keeps her and her husband quite entertained. Anna moved to the Center for Healing after several years at a private marriage and family therapy group practice.

Anna has pursued training in EMDR therapy, an empirically validated model used in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and other mental health issues, as well as extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, one of the most effective therapies for treating couples and attachment issues.

Being able to witness the capacity of the human person to find meaning and hope in life through often daunting circumstances is one of Anna’s greatest joys as a therapist.

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