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Middle School Mayhem - Surviving Your Kids' Awkward Years

Bill Renner

Middle school can be challenging and exciting for parents and students. Our podcast provides practical tips and insights to help you navigate this critical phase of your child's education and development.

Each week, we'll cover a different topic related to middle school, from academic success to social and emotional development. Our guests will include experts in education, child development, parenting, and real-life stories from parents and students who have been through it all.

We aim to provide you with actionable tips and advice that you can use to support your child's growth and development during these crucial years. But we also want to keep you engaged and entertained, so we'll share funny stories and anecdotes to keep you on your toes.

So, whether you're a parent looking for advice on supporting your child's learning or a student seeking guidance on how to succeed in middle school, this podcast is for you. We hope you'll join us for each episode as we explore the ups and downs of navigating middle school together.