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Hi, my name is Jo, an alchemist specialising in Rosacea & Trauma Healing. My Rosacea Freedom podcasts are Unedited. They are here to break the spell & narrative that Rosacea is Incurable. I share openly about my journey, suffering, & HEALING from this dis-ease. No matter what you have been told. Or what you have read? YOU can HEAL Yourself from Rosacea if you want to Rosacea is not a life sentence like you have been told and something you have to "LEARN" to live with for the rest of your days. It is your gateway to your awakening. I was told I had a disease and lived in this LIE for 13 years. I healed and reclaimed my health and my gifts, and I learned to trust the innate intuitive powers that we all have. I 'See' you, I 'Hear' I 'Understand' YOU. I want you to know YOU have the power to heal. I am frustrated as you with all the disempowering advice that is only designed to keep you stuck, small, and out of your POWER. My podcasts are transparent and Honest. I have been initiating wonderful souls from trauma for over 20 years & have been specialising in Rosacea for the past 9 years. I will teach you that Rosacea did not arrive on your face to make you suffer. It arrived to awaken you into your innate POWER & WISDOM. To heal and liberate you into your truth and divine self. No matter what your mind 'thinks' right now. Or what you believe Rosacea is? you are being lied to. You are not alone. It's time to heal the cause and begin your Alchemical Journey Jo πŸ’š
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