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Rosacea Freedom Talks - Jo Ozden

Jo Özden

Hi, my name is Jo-an intuitive healer. Welcome to my Rosacea Freedom Talks Podcast. My podcasts are talks from my heart. Unedited, raw nothing fancy it's the message that is important here.If you have Rosacea? you are in the right place - I lived and breathed this disease for 13 years. Clear, healed fading my face for over nine years. I am on a mission to break the myths that Rosacea is to be suffered. A disease you have to learn to live with for the rest of your life and Rosacea has no cure.My mission/purpose is to get the message out there through my podcasts about holistic healing and that you are Power-filled to heal yourself home and fade your face. My podcasts are a place I share my Rosacea Story, break myths about what we are told so often about this disease. Please take a listen as I cover many topics all about Rosacea. I share my years of wisdom and knowledge with this disease, my holistic healing and my journey healing, supporting ENCOURAGING people like You. You have all you seek and search inside to fade your face. For ongoing Rosacea Support, I invite you to join my Private Rosacea Freedom Group I would love to meet you :) To contact me or see my online home and get my FREE ebook 'Tune into yourself or Suffer' My story on how I faded my face along with other freebies Jo 💚

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