Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS

#32 The Odds Against Him – Dorsey Ross

August 19, 2021 Season 3 Episode 32
Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS
#32 The Odds Against Him – Dorsey Ross
Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS with Daniela
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Show Notes

Welcome to episode #32

My guest is Dorsey Ross.

Dorsey is a youth minister, speaker, author and podcaster. In today’s episode, Dorsey shares his story of love, persistence and overcoming challenges.  He was born in the late 70s with a congenital disability known as Apert's Syndrome.  When he was born, the doctors gave Dorsey's parents no hope for survival and advised them to put him into an institution.  However, his parents believed that God would do great things in Dorsey's life.  He grew up with his parents and the help of their church’s community support.  Growing up was very difficult.  He had to overcome years of harmful comments directed at him and 68 operations.  His high school teachers told Dorsey that he would not make it to college.  But despite all the odds being against him after years of hard work and perseverance, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Youth Ministry. 
He currently lives in Philadelphia with his 90-year-old father. Dorsey’s thick skin has made him strong, tenacious and given him his persevering character.

To learn more from Dorsey:
Podcats: Dorsey Ross Show
IG: @dorsey.ross

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