Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS

Essences of Truth, The Author – Anne Round : 34

September 06, 2021 Season 3 Episode 34
Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS
Essences of Truth, The Author – Anne Round : 34
Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS with Daniela
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Show Notes

Anne Round  shares her journey to become a better human being with us via spiritual growth.  She explains how it allowed her to appreciate and love herself more, evolving from controlling and lim­it­ing be­liefs to know­ing herself as love.  Now she flows with and trusts in life. It gave her inspiration to write her book "Essences of Truth Inspirations for Loving Life.”  Listen in to hear of her struggles with the book and Anne's steps to finally publish it.
"We are Love, Joy, Freedom and Peace."

Anne is a retired physiotherapist, a wife, a mother, a sailor, and an au­thor.  She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


About the book:
Essences of Truth
is a collection of 29 essays that can open us to new ways of thinking about life. Anne has embraced these philosophies over her lifetime, like sipping nectar from a flower to enhance her journey. The essence is to love everything just as it is and live life wholeheartedly from a contemplative perspective. We are inspired to love ourselves more and more regardless of what is appearing in our lives. A life that allows love to guide the way, peace to descend within, and joy to erupt into the world is a blessing for all of us.

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