Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS

#36 Mark My Love, a Memoir – Jennifer M. Alemany

September 28, 2021 Season 3 Episode 36
Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS
#36 Mark My Love, a Memoir – Jennifer M. Alemany
Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS with Daniela
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Show Notes

Welcome to episode #36

My guest Jennifer M. Alemany

Formally in corporate human resources, Jennifer is now an author, a spiritualist and has been a Yogi for 12 years. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jennifer has a spicy mix of Latin American backgrounds (Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba).

She shares her struggles as a young girl from a single mom living in Brooklyn.  Jennifer was the first to graduate from college in her family. After college, she became a live-in nanny until she could figure out what was next. With the support of her mom’s wisdom, she then embarked on a 22-year human resources career in the academic and corporate worlds. After losing two of her loves, her mother and then her fiancé, she realized that she had also lost herself.  Jennifer then started to write; it was a talent her elementary teachers had pointed out back then.  Sitting by the pool, surrounded by nature, her first book Mark, My Love, came to life.  It’s an honest, inspiring memoir,  a journey of loss and anguish, but with another side within reach over the horizon.

Jennifer currently lives in New York, with her dog Leo Luna.

Let’s enjoy her story.

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