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ReinventingPerspectives Podcast

Priscilla Shumba

There are so many spaces where you either have to talk all business or all faith. Well this isn't one of those spaces! We are on a mission to help new and early entrepreneurs stay in faith and win at business. We chat with entrepreneurs from across the globe so you can get the actionable information you desire to take your business to the next level. Listen in for great conversations about all things entrepreneurship, business, and wealth creation for a person of faith.Our motto: If you need it, we will talk about it! If this sounds good to you, please listen in 🎧P.S Leave a review and let us know what type of guests you'd like to see & what exactly you'd like to know more about. Let's connect on instagram @ReinventingPerspectives. Thank you for your time and trust. Happy listening 😊
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