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Business Lessons From Being In The NFL with Shawn Harper

June 25, 2021
Reinventing Perspectives Podcast
Business Lessons From Being In The NFL with Shawn Harper
Show Notes

"If life is a game, then you play to WIN." Shawn Harper shares how to tap into the winners instinct inside of us.  He says forget about the way success has been defined for you, and operate in the power of the inside game. When you begin to push past yourself, he says, you're now going for the WIN. Have a listen. 

Shawn Harper is a former NFL offensive lineman who played a total of seven seasons with the Rams, the Oilers, the Colts, and NFL Europe. Since 2004 he has owned and operates American Services and Protection, a multi-million-dollar security services firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  His journey from the grit and sweat of the NFL locker room to the corporate culture of the boardroom proved that he could win in both worlds by using many of the same principles and strategies!

Shawn's pick for the Leaders Are Readers Series:
The Winning Edge: 8 Principles That Will Bring Out The Winner In You by Shawn Harper
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