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Shit We Don't Tell Mom

Kristy Yee & Angie Yu

What is life? Two Asian Millennials here to normalize mental illness and mental wellbeing while navigating this thing we call adulthood. Kristy Yee and Angie Yu share their personal stories about living with anxiety and depression in their 30s AND bring on guests to share their stories with mental health. Screw surface-level conversations! We are here to untabooize what it means to have a mental illness. Our show explores the dichotomous Asian diaspora identity, self-growth, sex, family dynamics, and how to better take care of ourselves through self-compassion. We discuss the uncomfortable shit we overthink about, keep to ourselves, and secretly want to talk about. Let's get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Winner of Best Wellness Podcast on Asian Podcast Awards 2020. New episodes every other Sunday!⠀⠀**Content Warning: depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, violence, sex, racism, and death**⠀⠀

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