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Short Form Video And Live Streaming with Firework's Eva Wang

January 17, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 167
The CPG Guys
Short Form Video And Live Streaming with Firework's Eva Wang
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Eva Wang, head of Commerce & Partnerships at Firework, a B2B interactive short form web story livestreaming & video platform for brands to engage and convert their website visitors.

This is the third of a 3 part partnership episode series with Firework.

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Eva answers these questions:

1) There’s a great deal of buzz in livestreaming and video storytelling going on in CPG/Retail as more consumers adopt consumption of these communications formats. What was it that drew you into this industry?
2) What makes Firework’s livestreaming platform different from the many technology companies trying to stake ground in this space?
3) Late last year, Firework announced a strategic investment from American Express. As I mentioned in my introduction, you spent over 10 years at Amex. From a payments company perspective what is making the livestreaming industry such an attractive investment opportunity? 
4) Firework made some major buzz when it announced that its platform would power livestreaming video storytelling for Albertsons, one of the largest grocery retailers in the country. Can you give us context as to this partnership and why retailers, not just brands, would want to leverage your capabilities?
5) Firework was recently shortlisted  as one of the finalists of the Unilever Foundry Positive Beauty growth Platform startup pitch competition. Can you tell us what that was about and why Firework came out as one of the finalists?
6) How do you think that livetstreaming is bridging the gap between physical and digital? Do you have an example of how Firework is enabling this connectivity?
7) Can you help demystify the elements of a good livestreaming event. Are celebrities really necessary or are there other best practices from Firework’s experience?
8) We love to ask about predictions on this podcast. What are Fiirework’s predictions for Engagement, eCommerce and the Open Web for 2022?

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