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CPI: Cryptid Paranormal Investigators

Morgan Morales, Gillian Dynamo, Phyrrus Diyar, Bo Rinke, Sean Micheals, Patrick Hurt, Megan Calfee, Ryan Schot, Kat Carson, C.J Ellis, Sarah Elizibeth, Brendan Finley, Nina Faith, Renua, Josh Zirkle, Sam Simmons, Dew Kim, Janiel Kakombo, Antonio Pastore,

CPI (Cryptid Paranormal Investigators) Is an Indie-Horror podcast made to simulate early 40's radio shows. This story draws its inspiration of monsters from wide areas of the internet such as The Slender Man, The Rake and many more. Zeke Battson was accused for the murder of his family at the age of 14. Together with the help of his new found friends Francesca and June, they must travel to U.S encountering strange paranormal creatures in hopes of finding the one that murdered Zeke's family.[Theme Song by Nick Mervous] For updates please follow us on Instagram @Cryptidparanormal.inc

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