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Triggered: Can we play with that?

Nina L. Garcia

You know that moment when your emotions ramp up in an instant, leaving you feeling helpless, frozen, or out of control? In that moment, you've been emotionally hijacked - the very definition of "triggered". And I want to ask you: can we play with that? I'm Nina L. Garcia: Drama Therapist and Empowerment Coach of Houston Creative Arts Therapy. Join me as we discover ways to empower you - and the people who mean the most to you - to transform hard conversations into teachable moments. Triggered: Real playful, real respectful, real empowered. New episodes Fridays at 5 AM, ~15 minutes to match your next tea break OR ~30 minutes when we have a special guest, with a takeaway tool in every episode: subscribe for notifications. Music courtesy of Purple Planet Music at

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