Triggered: Can we play with that?

Dating While Divorcing: Playing with Insecurity

October 01, 2021 Season 2 Episode 29
Triggered: Can we play with that?
Dating While Divorcing: Playing with Insecurity
Show Notes

"I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT." This is the last thing anyone wants to hear themselves say in the middle of a date - much less over and over again, yet here I was thinking it to myself as Fear hijacked me. Let's play with moments where Fear takes over and holds you back: instead of pushing it away as "wrong" or "a problem", let's invite curiosity for creating a healthier relationship with yourself so that Security begins within. Join me as we explore our personal relationship to Insecurity, coming away with:  

  • Clarity RE how Fear & Insecurity present differently for each of us moment to moment; 
  • Perspective on why emotions hijack us at all; and,
  • Recognition that the "Notice & Disrupt" skill works effectively for greater understanding of our own inner dialogues - and greater overall emotional control.

Whether it's you who struggles with these moments as a trigger or someone you know - we can all use tools to recondition cultural beliefs that aren't realistic or helpful to our personal experience as a human being. It starts with you, so have a journal on hand or a good friend to dialogue with what comes up for you in this episode. And if you can't play with this today? That's okay too. Stay curious. We'll see you later, or in the next episode friend. 🌿

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