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GlobalPDX is Oregon's Hub for Global Changemakers. Through collaboration, conversation, and community we believe Portland can become an epicenter for effecting positive change, world wide.
S2E8 - The Three P's of USAID Funding: Past Performance, Procurement, and PartnersSeptember 19, 2022 Episode artwork S2E7 - Ditching the Desk: Expanding access to experiential education abroadMay 25, 2022 Episode artwork S2E6 - Connect and Reflect: Shaping a global future from Oregon - with Derrick OlsenApril 18, 2022 Episode artwork S2E5 - Eager for Education in a Dangerous World - with Dennis GalvanMarch 16, 2022 Episode artwork S2E4 - The Sounds of Development DrinksFebruary 16, 2022 Episode artwork S2E3 - The Age of Social Capital: mentorship and connectivity for all - with Anita RamachandranJanuary 16, 2022 Episode artwork S2E2 - Strategic Storytelling: unpacking the toolbox through the lens of the Oregon wildfires - with Tony AndersenJanuary 16, 2022 Episode artwork S2E1 - Democratic Backsliding: the insidious erosion of global democracy - with Suparna ChaudhryJanuary 16, 2022 Episode artwork S1E11 - A Substantial Spoonful: Striving to feed the most vulnerable among usJune 20, 2021 Episode artwork S1E10 - Combatting Hate Crimes: The Immigrant StoryApril 26, 2021 Episode artwork S1E9 -Shouldn't Clean Water be Bipartisan? with Earl BlumenauerMarch 24, 2021 Episode artwork S1E8 - Wicked Challenges Need Collaborative Responses with Jackie DingfelderFebruary 25, 2021 Episode artwork S1E7 - Disability Inclusion: A Global Win-Win in Challenging Times with Susan Sygall of MIUSAFebruary 09, 2021 Episode artwork S1E6 - Racial Re-Engagement: The Battle Against Complicity in our 'Progressive' CityDecember 16, 2020 Episode artwork S1E5 - The Predatory Promise: Deporting U.S. VeteransOctober 24, 2020 Episode artwork S1E4 - Confronting Contradictions with Clarence EdwardsJuly 18, 2020 Episode artwork S1E3 - Planetary Health is the Cure with Noor TrienekensJune 19, 2020 Episode artwork S1E2 - Organizational Sexual Violence Response with SAPRI ConsultingJune 19, 2020 Episode artwork S1E1 - Root Causes of Poverty with Dr. Evan ThomasJune 19, 2020 Episode artwork