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Cederquist Medical Wellness Podcast

Dr. Katherine Stam, D.O., Diana Vittorio, RDN, Nicole Hartwick, RDN, Dr. Donna Alpert, PhD, Dr. Monica Dabney, A.P.

Cederquist Medical Wellness Center’s approach to wellness and weight loss treats the whole person. We call it the Total Approach. Firmly grounded in medical science and clinical experience, we integrate nutrition management, real life coaching, and medical care to form a complete plan that is tailored to fit your specific body chemistry and lifestyle. It’s safe, it’s supportive, it’s pleasant, and it’s proven!We are experts in nutrition and metabolism. Firmly grounded in medical science, we help those who have difficulty obtaining an optimally functioning metabolism. Many of our patients are affected by pre-diabetes and diabetes, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalances. We strive to continuously refine and explore the medical and metabolic reasons why achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be so challenging for so many people.To learn more about Cederquist Medical Wellness Center go to: www.DrCederquist.comCederquist Medical Wellness Center1575 Pine Ridge Rd #19Naples, FL 34109(239) 593-0663

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