The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III

Brent Daniels: How to Build a Long Lasting Business

May 17, 2023 Brent Daniels Episode 213
The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Brent Daniels: How to Build a Long Lasting Business
Show Notes

Brent's Story is one for the record books!
It’s 2007, and Brent is living large as a real estate entrepreneur, well on his way to fulfilling his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” dreams: Designer clothes. Flashy cars. Big house.

A year later, the housing market crashed…His business goes under. His cars get repossessed. His house and five rental properties get foreclosed and he gets slapped with a $742,000 judgment for breaking a commercial office lease.

Could his life get any worse? YES. He then gets divorced from his wife.
He is completely wiped out, excruciatingly sad, and sleeping on a friend’s couch. Rock bottom hits when he gets a DUI and Sheriff Joe Arpaio (‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’) locks him up for a month in his “Tent City” jail. Brent lost everything.

And then something happened that turned things around for Brent. His girlfriend got pregnant! Having a child on the way motivated Brent to start over and rebuild his life, so he goes back to work as a real estate agent. It was tough: he was selling houses full-time and taking care of my six-month-old, barely keeping it together. Then the completely unexpected happens...A local real estate investor says he’ll pay Brent a
3% commission for any good deals he finds him.

So Brent started driving neighborhoods and meets a woman with a fixer-upper who wants to sell for $180,000. It’s an amazing opportunity for a remodel, so Brent takes it to the investor. At closing, Brent looks at the paperwork and is confused by two things: One, the investor is NOT the one buying the property… and, two… he’s getting an “assignment fee” of $40,000! (Brent's commission is only $5,400!) Brent asks him about it. He says, “I wholesaled it to somebody else.” “But how do you sell something you don’t own?” Brent asks. “I own the contract,” he says. Brent was catching on. “Okay, so if I own the contract, could I do that?” He smiles and says, “Yes.”

That's how Brent discovered wholesaling! Learning he could wholesale lit a fire under his ass and he wanted to know everything about it. He searched “wholesale real estate” on iTunes and discovered Tom Kroll and The Wholesaling Inc. Podcast. Tom was THE industry expert. Tom gave Brent the instruction he needed to succeed.  Brent took massive, imperfect action. And got super proactive. His income exploded! Checks for $15,000, $40,000, $70,000 and more!

By 2017, Brent met and married the love of his life and was blessed with another child. Plus, he settled his $742,000 debt! That same year, Tom Kroll asked him to start hosting The Wholesaling Inc. Podcast. He was excited to share an incredible marketing strategy he had mastered: COLD CALLING! Back then, nobody was cold calling. But he knew cold calling was a game-changer, so he started showing other wholesalers how to do it.

That’s how “Talk To People” was born, and why
Brent Daniels is known as “Mr. TTP". Today, his wholesaling business still makes over a million dollars per year, and he has personally worked with thousands of wholesalers in his Elite Coaching program.

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