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The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Carl Dean: Wholesaler to Turnkey Provider of the Year to Multi-Family Investor
November 10, 2017 Carl Dean
Carl Dean started his real estate investing career as a wholesaler in Detroit, Michigan. After building a successful business as a wholesaler he turned to rehabbing properties and selling them as turnkey rental investments. During this transition he moved from Detroit to Kansas City and eventually Dallas, Texas. It is there that his turnkey rental business took off and eventually earned him the award of Turnkey Provider of the Year in 2016. Soon after winning this award Carl made the transition to Belize where he helped develop a project for Hilton. Now, Carl finds himself back in Dallas, Texas as a multi-family investor and continuing his impressive real estate investing journey. Mentioned in this episode: SPI Advisory- American Real Estate Investments-
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