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The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Erik Saengerhausen & Collin Corrington: Stop Flipping & Start Creating Notes
March 09, 2018 Erik Saengerhausen & Collin Corrington
Erik Saengerhausen and Collin Corrington are real estate investors based out of San Antonio, Texas that specialize in creating real estate notes. Their core business focus is to purchase real estate, rehab the property and then sell it via owner finance terms. They will then either keep the note as part of their retirement plan or sell the note at full value. They usually do this over 100 times per year! They are very passionate about this strategy and have even created an education program about this strategy called Stop Flipping. Stop Flipping breaks down how you can replicate their business for yourself. To know more about this program visit their website at
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