The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III

Emily Snider: House Flipping @ 22 Years Old

March 15, 2019 Emily Snider Episode 75
The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Emily Snider: House Flipping @ 22 Years Old
The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Emily Snider: House Flipping @ 22 Years Old
Mar 15, 2019 Episode 75
Emily Snider

Emily Snider is a real estate investor based out of San Antonio, Texas. She first learned about real estate investing at sixteen years old while attending a seminar. She started wholesaling at the young age of 18 and is now crushing it at 22 years old while wholesaling and flipping houses. She has successfully been virtually wholesaling properties across the state of Texas and is open to doing deals in other states. Emily also prides herself on her ability to build a brand by using social media. 

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Emily Snider is a real estate investor based out of San Antonio, Texas. She first learned about real estate investing at sixteen years old while attending a seminar. She started wholesaling at the young age of 18 and is now crushing it at 22 years old while wholesaling and flipping houses. She has successfully been virtually wholesaling properties across the state of Texas and is open to doing deals in other states. Emily also prides herself on her ability to build a brand by using social media. 

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It's not real estate investors, entrepreneurs and agents. You're in the right place. Unlocking the secrets to real estate investing in entrepreneurship. Welcome to the Times Young balls hosted by R. J. Bates for 30 years. Welcome the titanium vault. I'm your host, R. J. Bates. Today I'm sitting down with Emily Snyder. Emily, how you doing today?

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Hey, I'm stupor. Super grateful to be here. Thanks so much for having me R. J

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s. So why don't you take a kind of introduce yourself and tell everybody what it is you're doing in the real estate world?

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Yeah, definitely. Um, So I've been doing real estate since I was 18 years old, and primarily I focus on wholesaling and now flipping properties. Um, but it's really interesting. I, like fell into real estate investing when I was, like, 16. And like when to I went to a seminar called Lifestyles and Limited. And I just remember them talking about, like, passive income, like curry, like just creating wealth through flipping property, used how to scale from single family in a multifamily. But it was like such a new language for me. And so I remember just leaving that day I was so confused. I had no idea Like what direction I wanted to do. I was 16 you know? And, well, something happened after I graduated high school. And I just remember my sister convinced my dad to put her through real estate school as a realtor. And I was like, Whoa, my twin sister, right? And so I was like, Man, if my twin sister, cause, like our whole life, we've always like we've always done the same thing. And so But I, like, stood back. I was like, I don't really see myself being a realtor selling the American dream. You know, the 30 year mortgage, Tch. I really saw myself being some, like, being somebody who could create that opportunity for other people, like owning the real estate or giving, um, those opportunities to other investors looking for great deals. And I really fell in love with the investing side. Once I was introduced a whole selling off of the get go. And so that's what I was doing for maybe the 1st 3 years of my business. I did a flip, and it was such a transformational process, like not just, you know, not just flipping a house. I totally underestimated what goes in tow. What goes in the house flipping, You know, until you actually do it, then you're like, Oh, my God, There's so many experiences. There's so many things that, um that really just teach you so many valuable lessons that otherwise you wouldn't have learned if you weren't actually in the trenches doing it. You know, a lot of times people are like, Oh, I love those HD TV shows, man, the property, brothers, whatever chip in Joanna gains. But until you're actually doing it, you're making those mistakes, Senior. Also just learning those lessons. I think you're never gonna truly know how

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funny about that. Yeah, what about that is is like when when people that have flipped houses talked about that in and you should try toe share that knowledge to someone who's never flip the house. They're kind of underestimating what we're talking about, right? Like it's easy to sit there and be like a managing and contractors hard and all the days of our shares are hard. I go deep is like I mean, when you buy the house, it's like turning on the electricity and the gas and water. And then every different city has a different way. You have to turn the water on and what you do, someone will make you go down there and then the accounting side of things between all of those moving pieces. And yeah, I mean, it's just like when you get when you try to do this on a scale like you try to do multiple flips at once it all sudden you're like, What are we doing? Why did we ever start doing this instead of wholesaling? I don't understand. So, you

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know, I feel like, well, I feel like I mean in different I mean and obviously in different and each different niche, like wholesaling or flipping it all it. It is all about how you like, have your systems, but I think more than the systems, it's who you have in your team. Like if you don't have people who you have trust or you can rely on with, like there's nothing, you know. And so I feel like, Ah, lot of my success has been because of obviously through trial and error, because I have had contractors who screwed me, you know, and it is hard. Um, but but it is a great lesson. You know, I learned that the good and the bad things that happened to me, our lesson that I have to take them both equally with the same amount of value, you know? And

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every time I have a lesson, you have to put something in place toe, learn from it, not repeat that mistake, right?

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Definitely. Yeah. So But I learned that having the people like, who have the same vision around you really like. I mean, when you surround yourself, who when you surround yourself with people who are thinking bigger, thinking greater and all have the common same goal and purpose in mind. I think that honestly is what can change the game for you.

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Absolutely. So you hold sales for a couple of years there. Then he started flipping. I know I'm not supposed to ask a woman this, but you said you got started in the 18. So how old are you now?

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Yeah. Ah, yes. I'm 22. I'm an old fart now, on 20

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two years old and you're out there flipping houses and in the real estate investing world. Man, when I was coming through. I was. I was trying to see how many tips I could get delivering pizzas so I could go to the bar that night. So

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no, no, no way.

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Yeah, you're you're way ahead of the game here for most.

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But you know what? Like, um, I think it's really easy for someone who is like listening to this to be like, man like she's She's so amazing, you know, whatever. She's flipping houses. She's so young. But I think the truth is that we're always thinking that we could do more like that. We're not doing good enough, but I think it's what we're always chasing is the growth, you know, even though I'm 22 I feel like I have so much more to grow and to learn to do. And I feel like it's never ending cycle, you know. But I think if we're not, we're not striving. Thio chase that that growth, or that feeling off like changing lives, are making something more than just flipping houses. We lose the purpose we lose, like what we're doing it for. We lose the freedom of it all, you know.

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You know, it's funny you bring that up because you know that feeling of you always have Maur or need to be better or growth. I think a lot of that comes wrong. Today's social media page right? And I've talked about on here about the power of social media and how you can use it to grow your business and things like that. You can also be so so in that in the social media and pay attention to it so much that it could almost have a negative impact on you, where you're always seeing somebody doing more than what you're doing

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tearing yourself

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like I have to be doing Maur. Why I'm only flippant Four houses this month. I should be doing 10 and then when you're a 10 and I should be doing 100 you know, it's like you

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can't think. But I think when someone can look at their current situation, be grateful and be proud of what they've achieved. I think it almost like subconsciously reaffirms like your mind that you are good enough and then more things start to flow, you know, But you have to be grateful for the fruit for your like you're where you are currently on where you're trying to go If you're constantly thinking about where you wanna be and why you're not there Like you're literally blocking off your manifestation in your subconscious Thio constantly think I don't have that. But instead shifting your mindset to saying this is where I am. I'm doing amazing. I'm on my way. I already have it. You know, instead of saying that, man, I wish I had. I don't have that changing the way that you look at it and see it. And maybe you know you're going to start Thio. Um, you're gonna start just to yourself there, you know?

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Yeah. And the other thing about it is always remind yourself of 23 years ago, you would have given anything to be in the position where you are today, and that's what I always have to remind myself. Like I remember there was a point time where it was just like if I could just flip one house if I could figure out how I could do that. And now it's like

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crazy. We all start from there, you know, we all we all started from that one thought, man, if I go, and

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now it's like I sell a house and it's not even that big thing because three or four that are going bad, you know? And it's like,

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Yeah, I

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should be like, thankful that I'm in this position to even be ableto own as much real same as I do, but they just have the opportunities in front of me. And so it's just that's what I get against the my point and saying All this is just kind of remind yourself where you were at one point time where you are now, be grateful for what kind of your growth pattern that you've had there. Um, so let's talk about your business. You're flipping houses now. You're wholesale in some um What? What are you doing, Maura? Visit, wholesaling or flipping?

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Um, I would say I'm doing Maur of whole selling I've got about, Um Well, we just closed, like on on a on a new project, but primarily I'm doing more flipping. Uh, primarily I'm doing more whole selling, but we do have a few flipping projects going on the side, but I do. I like I do want to grow the flipping side of things because I really have enjoyed it. You know, wholesaling has been something that I've learned through trial and error For the past three years I've been doing pursuing and great like I love it. You know it, Sze what took me out off like being broken 18 thio being ableto wake up and not have to answer to a bus and just go out and find those great deals and surfer for a greater purpose. You know, I really am in love with the process of meeting people who really need help and offering them a solution on. That's like I think that's why I wake up and do what I do every single day is because there are people you know who are just waiting on your call who are waiting for you to find them. Because a lot of times they think that there are no more options, you know?

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Yeah. So real quick. I kind of breezed over this and I didn't get this out of you. What market are you currently investing in?

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Yes. 00 I'm based in San Antonio, Texas is my hometown. Some a Texas girl. Y'all But, um I have done deals in other markets. I've done deals in Austin, Dallas, my Colin on then the guys I usedto mentor and work for. They were doing deals in other cities nationwide. Um, I learned a lot from them, So if a deal comes to me in Florida or in Arizona, you know, other really hot markets. I'm gonna obviously see an opportunity in that and pursue it. But primarily the deals that I do do are in Texas.

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So for the people that are listening, if you have not visited Texas or you're not from Texas, Um, what she's saying is extremely impressive, because the difference between doing a deal in Houston or San Antonio or Dallas what worth is night and day. They're all different types of markets. They're very far apart. We're talking about 345 hour drives between the between the markets there. Um

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oh, and I and I and I don't drive to those properties in other markets. I do it all from my computer. You know, it's too hard. Pursue a deal every deal. If it's three or 45 hours away,

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Absolutely. So let's talk about that. So say you get a lead in Dallas you know you're in San Antonio. That's a good 44 and 1/2 hour drive. Um, yeah. Say you want a wholesale that deal. How are you going to kind of perform due diligence on that property? Do you have boots on the ground here or you contact you somebody, you know? How are you handling that?

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Yeah, s so you could do it many different ways. Obviously, there's online systems that you can pay for access to, you know, to access other markets, their MLS. But sometimes I go through realtors who do a lot of the due diligence for me, and they're actually the ones who who have brought me the deals that are in other markets. And so they're They're typically my main point of contact, you know, they're the ones who opened the door. They're the ones who put the lock box, take the pictures, send me the comparables, and all I really have to do is secure buyer based off of the numbers that they give me. You know, obviously I have somebody else go in there. Um, verify. But I always always trust first. You know, I have a saying called trust and verify Because if if you're so busy trying to verify, somebody else is already trusting and taking that opportunity because you're so focused on making sure everything is like perfect, you know, and trying to be so perfect that everything, sometimes you're losing more opportunities than actually just taking the shot.

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Yeah, absolutely. So you know when you're when you lock up a property in a new market, Um, we'll just continue to use Dallas Fort Worth as an example. How are you going about trying to find buyers in that market if you don't already have a buyer's list in a newer market like that?

spk_1:   14:22
Um, I do a lot of J V. I also, um, men. I love J B. I love working with other people. I love building them up a CZ. Well, you know, it's ah, it's truly a team effort business. So J V is super huge to me. I love using online platforms to market my deals on DDE. Honestly, like you just find out where the people's eyes are and you supply, you supply the deal. If the deal makes sense, somebody's gonna buy it, you know?

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Yeah, and you know, it's it literally is. It's so simple. Sometimes I made a you know, sometimes I think as investors, we we try to over complicate things, and we're always trying to find, like, what is the next thing that we can do to build our buyers list toe 2030 40,000 buyers when it's like Sometimes you just have to remind yourself like I have a house that needs a buying that that's one person and, ah, you know, we're new to the Birmingham Alabama market and congratulations. Thank you. Um, our branch manager out there, Amy hot. Um you know, we sit on our property and none of the buyers, which bit's very small list none of our buyers, but, you know, they didn't They didn't buy it. They didn't want it. So, bye. Okay, what are we gonna do? You know, So she literally sends a message, and I have a little template of all the things that we say to do. And it was, you know, it's like, 2025 things to how to build the buyer's list, and we send it to Amy. And with one that stuck out to her was his post on Craigslist. Like Hey, I have off market distressed properties for sale. She did. That might two hours later, sold. And it's like guys. Sometimes it's just about take

spk_1:   16:15
I and that's a resource to that. A lot of people utilize. It's crazy, but

spk_0:   16:22
she didn't sell it to an investor. She actually sold it to someone whose words out of your

spk_1:   16:28

spk_0:   16:29
is she. A guy lives out of state, and he's buying a home for a single mom in Birmingham, and he just wants her to have a home, and he's going to remind you were and give her the house. I mean, how cool.

spk_1:   16:43
But oh, my God, that is amazing. That

spk_0:   16:46
we're talking about this is like a little, you know, 15 $16,000 home. He's not giving, like, $100,000 house, but still,

spk_1:   16:54
yes, yeah, the prices out in a crisis out in Alabama. But that's definitely significantly difference in Texas.

spk_0:   17:03
But again, you know this is all about. Like you said, the marketplace out there either is Facebook Marketplace. Craigslist, all Ri Ri sources. So

spk_1:   17:13
I left. Resource is Yeah,

spk_0:   17:16
So I don't Before you and I before the interview, we were kind of talking about. You know, one of the questions that people ask you all the time is how are you finding deals? And you kind of had a very unique answer to that. So So go into that real quick. What are you telling people when they say, How are you finding your deals?

spk_1:   17:34
I forgot what I told you before the interview, but

spk_0:   17:39
what we're talking about building a building a break?

spk_1:   17:43
Yeah, Yeah, I know, man. That was That was a huge lesson when I first started and I really started, you know, I took a step back and I was like Like I asked myself the same question that you asked me. I was like, om how? How are you finding your deals? And when I got honest with myself, um, it all led back to building a brand into building a name. You know, granted, I'm not like this huge superstar. Um Http Flipper whatever you two famous person. But I didn't realize what I was doing. And I was putting my story out there, you know, and through social media through building a brand. I didn't I didn't know I was building a brand which you are your brand, right? Like you are. You're walking brand. And if you think about it, um, marketing companies or brands are starting to go towards using people to, like, look at Instagram like they're putting their brands in the people's hands who are on instagram and these faces and their through their lives. They're the ones who are selling the dream, selling the product, right? And if you look at it like that for your own business or for your own self, that you are your brand, that people are sold on what you do and what you sell because of who you are, um, I feel like that's that super powerful. Then that's again. That's another free thing that you can do. All it takes is just being conscious being creative. Um, when I said conscious, I mean, like you're going to a property writer, you're checking out a deal or you're in your office and you think that like, you think that what you're doing, somebody could serve value from it like they could take value from it. And so I was like, Just get creative, take a quick picture, right? Um, you compose. You could just be natural. You can be you. I was always, like, super super fun, like with my hands in the air, My smile and people love it like And then obviously I would pair over the, um like, I would pair a picture of what I was doing matching it with the caption of what I do. What I'm looking for people would be like, Okay, you know, obviously pertaining to the visual side of a picture of what Instagram pretty much does right were sold by the visual first of things. That's what captures our attention. If you're not utilizing video, if you're not utilizing pictures, I'm sure I can guarantee you people are scrolling pastor content. You're the content that you're posting for three on your own platforms. So I would start to just post and post and posed and really bring my personality into the post by getting creative, you know? Hey, if you're facing this problem, this is how I can help Where, um, just providing value through the post or telling a story of somebody I helped. You know, I really found out that people love stories and, like, for example, this podcast Are you telling me the story of that guy. You know, buying a house for the single mom, like that's that's powerful. You know when you can when you can be a testimony of somebody that you're helping telling their story, you never know. Somebody else who's facing something similar sees that or has a client, right? Who's facing something similar and all of a sudden something in their mind, like clicks. It's registers with them and they're like, Maybe I should reach out to this person. And so, yeah, I mean, just posting content, marketing, building a brand That was probably the single hand, most powerful thing that I actually started to do for my business. And it calm, pounded, you know, people would constantly interact with my content, and then every time they had a deal, that but they needed to sell or or a realtor with a client who needed help. I was the first person that they thought off because I was consistently showing up on their on their on their newsfeed,

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right? You know, it's crazy. While you were what you were talking, tell him that you know, I'm sitting here thinking I have eight branches right now. like full fledged branches in different states. And and all of those, like branch managers, partners, whatever you want to call them, it have come to me and wanted to partner with titanium because of social media. Even my best friend from for my childhood, Elijah out in Hawaii. Yeah, he he No, he The reason why he wanted to do it is because he was seeing the post. And he's like, Hey, man, you know what? What are you doing with this? You know, I mean, we were talking about business, but, you know, I mean, at that point time, we didn't think about being partners. We were both running our own business. And it is so important to just tell your story. Like you said, even if it's just the smallest, Little is things like, Hey, I'm sitting at my computer and analyzing properties, Take us out or whatever, and just be like trying to help out people today, see what problems I could solve. Whatever it is like, However you want to give us a jump. But you never know what that post it could be. Not that day. It's probably not gonna be instantaneous where someone's like, Oh, I need you to solve my problem. But maybe 69 12 months they could go back in there Like you said, If it's constantly in front of them, they're gonna know Emily's the person that I need to go to. She can solve my problem. And, ah, that's also like That's one of the best ways to raise private capital as well. Private money for deals Um, I I interviewed Temba rots on Propel Leo TV for titanium Tuesdays this week, and and Tim. He has a great saying about raising private capital. He says, Don't hunt for private money. Go fishing that private money. Ah, he said, because when you hunt, the prey runs away. But when you fish the fish come to you, they bite your And so he would he say,

spk_1:   23:56
Give me So give me an example.

spk_0:   23:59
So, like always, he's he's saying, you know when when you're talking about like, hey, you just bought bought a property right that you're gonna flip, have bought this property. I saw this homeowners problem. This is what a problem I saw, and I bought this with none of my own money. I'm using other people's money and given them a great return. When otherwise Honey was sitting in a checking encounter. Savings account earning next to nothing. No,

spk_1:   24:26
you just e j.

spk_0:   24:29
Okay, well, I have, you know, $100,000 sitting in bank, and, you know, I'm I'm a doctor, an attorney. Whatever. Right? And I like Emily. I've been watching her for the past four years, seeing what she's doing, and then that's how they send you a message like, Hey, I'd like to get some more information about how I could be a part of it. That's how.

spk_1:   24:48
And, you know, it's crazy. Is doctors and attorneys of the best people to find private money for because they don't know anything about business. They're so driven to the blue. I don't know if it's like blue collar, the white collar, the blue collar line of work that they sometimes don't even think about howto how to get their money to work for them, you know, absolutely states a great, you

spk_0:   25:13
know. I mean, yeah, you know, there's ah, there's a doctor that we do business with a pinto also, And and you know what's so funny is is he's probably done a couple of 100 deals at this point time in the past couple of years. Um, he loves going to look at the houses when he has time, but that's that's like the most exciting thing to do. Like when we get him under contract. He's like, I want to go look at it and he wants to take the pictures and stuff because it's funny. It's like a relaxing being formed. He's a doctor, you know? He's a He's out there trying to save people's lives healthy again. And so when we talk about real estate, where for us, it's like, No, no, no, I I don't want to go to the house. I don't want to take pictures. Somebody else could go do that. I have more important things to focus on for him. That's like an ideal situation. And for most of the time, the doctors, they really did, they don't want to be a part of it at all. They just want to give you their money and get the return. You know, they're they're

spk_1:   26:13
crazy. Yeah, is I have a private investor and every Friday he wants an update. You know, of the projects that he's invested in. It was like I want to see pictures. I want to know where we are and I think it's super cool, right? Well, you know, there's obviously more angel investors. But then there's also investors to wanna be a little bit more involved in interactive and yes, super cool, you know? Yeah.

spk_0:   26:38
I mean, building that relationship with with your private money lenders is just a CZ important as building rapport with motivated sellers, you know? I mean, they're all gonna have different personalities. They're all gonna have different needs to giving you like their life savings. You know, a lot of times, it's like sometimes I think we take it for granted words like private money. You know, what is that? And then you start thinking about insight. Well, this guy's over here, you know, sometimes it's not all of their money. I mean, there's but there are some guys that I have that when they give me 40 $50,000 like that is a huge chunk of their money, their life savings that they have saved up that they're giving us. We have to be good stewards of their money. So if they want us to update him every Friday. By God, you gotto respect that and update him every Friday, you know? So it's very important to handle that situation. So anyways, move. Moving on back, back to Emily. Sorry. I kind of way. So, uh, we've got a couple more minutes here. Let's talk about, you know, kind of the direction that you want a head in your business. What? You're 22. Are you looking toe scale up and build a team and kind of doom or volume, or you kind of enjoying where you are right now or what are your goals moving forward?

spk_1:   27:58
Oh, no, for sure. I want to do more volume. I wanna be minimum at six. Figures a month. Like making $100,000 a month. Um, obviously working with my team. I do have. I do have a few people on my team who find deals. We worked together. I meant toward them. They bring the value. I love to bring them value and stuff like that. But I also, um I just started thinking that you know what? Hey, I found putting my energy in a single family houses the way that I D'oh! What makes me think that I couldn't do this with 20 units with 50 units, 100 units? Oh, my. My long term play goal is to get into multi family right now, I think whole selling is a great way to build capital on have liquidity. And so you know, when I feel like I'm there and I'm ready, I'm going to start Thio for my money in tow, small apartment deals and start to scale cause I do have big goals within the multi family, um, within the multi family business.

spk_0:   28:59
Yeah, you know, it's funny, like as you wholesale on the full of houses, the multi family kind of come to you naturally, you know, I mean, it's like you run some marketing and you might even just be targeting single family and you'll talk to the landlord who's like, Yeah, you know, I don't want to sell that property, but I do have a 12 unit over here that I would like to sell, and you know, those opportunities just open up to you And it kind of just naturally involves, you know, and, you know, it's like going back to that interview I have Tim Broad said earlier this week. You know, he was single family and he transitioned in the multi family. And what really stood out to him was, is he did one multi family deal and he did all of these other single family deals. And when he analyzed for the year what his best r O I was for the area was multi family. And so he he just literally made the decision on Why am I doing single family at all? Well,

spk_1:   30:01
I've heard that so many times, and it's just a reaffirmation off, like your energy. The are away the R o I on your on your energy, Um, just on everything you know, you could do so much more with multi family. You can be a long term partner, you know, with passive investing with passive income. Or you can assign the property or you can take it on yourself. You know, there's so many plays. So I'm excited to learn more about that stuff and pursue it, and in the meantime, just become, you know, consistent are continue to become a master at my craft.

spk_0:   30:34
We and the other thing is, is like, you know, say you go flip a single family home in a majority of light that the normal average price markets you're gonna make somewhere between 30 to $40,000 on a flip. There's that's not a whole lot of money. When you try to divide that up between multiple people write it started becoming right. Why did we do the deal? But in multi family, there's so much money there that it's actually beneficial to bring other people in. So you're you're you're becoming really good at your niche, right? There's your niche of multi family. Is it raising private capital? Is it finding these deals? Is it rehabbing the properties? Is that property management? What are you, really? And you can really create a team of partners that way surrounding a on what is your niche for the multi family space and just be really good at that? And that's how you can get it. So you know, you can become partners on multiple deals, so yeah, I'm right there with you. I mean, multi family is Ah, a great transition, especially for someone as young as you. I mean, you have you have so much time to really like not try to rush into any deals. You can wait on the perfect deal to come your way. And, you know, you're in a great market being in the state of Texas toe. Find those sound deals. So

spk_1:   31:58
for sure,

spk_0:   32:00
So I know I'm

spk_1:   32:00
being ableto good deals.

spk_0:   32:03
Yeah, I know. You talked about your sister a little bit, so I I know she's probably gonna listen the interview, so her give her a little bit of some. You know, your twin sister, she she's not necessarily a partner near business, but you'll do do business together because she's ah, retail real state agent there, Um, how that kind of relationship works and how you can kind of work together without being in each other's business.

spk_1:   32:28
Well, you know, um, I did think about getting my my real estate license, you know, And I I had to humble myself. I had to take a step back. Even though, you know, you can do everything yourself. I really was like, You know what I see Valued my sister. I love what I dio is. I have no intention of becoming a real estate agent. And so even though my twin sister was one that's still crossed my mind. But I humbled myself, and, um and that was like, really what? Like what solidified our partnership, our our relationship and business, Right? So I let her do what she was good at, and I stuck to what I was good at. And when we work together, she'll bring me deals. We'll go 50 50 because a lot of you know, I would say a lot of Realtors when they're in the market. Finding listings are talking to buyers. They're letting a lot of, um, properties go through the cracks because it doesn't look like it's the perfect ideal First time home, right? So, um, any of those deals she'll bring them to me. People are who are looking for cash offers a man the first still we ever did together. Um, we, uh she brought the deal to me. We went inside the house, and what's crazy was the house was directly across the street from my first deal I had ever done. So I knew the area like I was super pumped about it, you know, And we walked in and it was ah, it was a husband and a wife and they're like, we want 100. And I think it was 100 and 10,000 for the house. And so I don't know, I think we had the house across the street, the one that I did. I think we sold it for, like, 1 28 or like, 1 30 I forgot. And so, um, we walked inside the house. We were like we made sure we were the first ones toe, meet them to see the property they had literally they had cars like people. Investors lined up outside the house and we walked in there and they literally fell in love with us. And what's crazy was the wife was a twin, and she was like, Oh, my God, like this is crazy It was just so random because off us being twins, she was a twin, literally, just like it just built this connection, you know, instantly. And so she was really cute because she was like, you guys were, like, my by my adopted daughters. And we left the house. Um, I don't I don't remember if we had the contract already signed. Oh, we left the house and they're like, Well, for sure, selling the deal to you guys for 100 and 10. And we got the deal in the first deal that we had ever done together. We made $12,000 on which was which was so cool, because when my sister brought me the deal, she's like, Hey, I'm gonna send this to one of my investors. And I was like, Huh? And I was like, Wait, wait a second. You know, before you send it to them, make $3000 or however much you're gonna make, um, let me check it out, you know? And so because we were able to work together, she made she made $6000 I also got paid, too. So it was It was a win win deal. It was awesome. We could have made more, but it was definitely a really cool experience toe to do that with my sister to see her when to see me when I thought it was a really empowering woman, you know,

spk_0:   35:53
I love working with other people. Um, you know, I I kind of used the analogy of, um I don't want to get to the finish line and be staying in there by myself. It's not gonna be fun and celebrate by myself. I love cousin deals with other people high five in jumping up and down. Um, it's just one of the joys of being an entrepreneur and being able to open up opportunities, other people. So that's really cool that you get to do that with your twin sister. Um, I can't want to just throw that in there. So least then you could tell her you told your story about your first?

spk_1:   36:26
Yeah, she's She's gonna love hearing this. She always listens to my podcast. I listened to hers and I think it's cool. We get to celebrate each other and be each other's biggest tree later. So

spk_0:   36:36
awesome. Well, m Boyd, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us for everyone that was listening. And and, you know, you kind of you talked about instagram a lot. So I'm assuming that's your your preferred social media outlet. But follow.

spk_1:   36:54
Yeah, So I love instagram. I love Facebook. You guys can follow me on instagram it. Snyder twins s and I d are twins on. And then you guys can find me on Facebook as Emily Snyder. And, uh, yeah, I'll just continue to post and share my journey through there and tell other people's stories along the way.

spk_0:   37:14
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for sitting down with us. And Ah, guys, that's our episode for this week. Emily, Thank you so much.

spk_1:   37:22
Hey, R J. Thanks a button to talk to you guys soon. Have

spk_0:   37:25
a great table. Thanks so much for listening to the titanium vault with your host, our Jane base that hurt more imposing. To stamp the date, visit www dot podcast dot the titanium vault dot com and on facebook dot com slash titanium vault. He enjoyed the episode. Please read and review. We'll catch you next time.