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NVR Podcast season 2 episode #08 "Vigilant Care in Schools"

March 16, 2022 Season 2 Episode 8
The NVR Podcast
NVR Podcast season 2 episode #08 "Vigilant Care in Schools"
Show Notes

Tony Meehan and Rachael Aylmer talk about how schools can adopt a new approach to behaviours in school, using New Authority.  

We referenced a book by Paul Dix - When the Adults Change Everything Changes

We referenced a YouTube clip - Dads Patrol (in the US) -

We referenced Toby Newton - Headteacher in a Hong Kong school - ICHK  and a exert of the behaviour policy in his school.

"Our conviction as a school is that for 95% of the time and for 95% of the students, deviations from the behaviour for learning can be resolved through informal conversation and counselling. Research and our own experience suggest that timely, sympathetic and constructive intervention is most effective, and can usually obviate the need for any formal procedures to be put in place. Implicit in this is the knowledge that oftentimes, behavioural conduct is the only voice students have to express themselves. Our role as teachers is to provide students with alternative ways in which to do this successfully. As teachers, we should be mindful of the fact that we are setting up a significant part of our student's worlds and that this needs to be done with the guidance, patience and understanding."

Behaviour for learning policy, ICHK international school Hong Kong,

Headteacher: Toby Newton


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