How Schools Can Serve the Whole Child: Aligning Supports to Catalyze Student Success

February 18, 2022 EveryDay Labs
How Schools Can Serve the Whole Child: Aligning Supports to Catalyze Student Success
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The needs of students and families are greater than ever before. Significant gaps in learning from the pandemic have been well documented across communities, districts, and states. 

Despite schools and districts employing a host of programs and initiatives to meet this range of student needs–from academics, to social-emotional learning, to attendance, to family engagement–these efforts are often uncoordinated and viewed as independent from one another. 

Listen to this edWeb podcast with distinguished experts who explore and provide recommendations on how attendance, academics, social-emotional learning, and family-engagement initiatives should be understood as a holistic system. Panelists highlight the strong relationships between social and emotional learning and student well-being with positive attendance patterns and discuss how these factors set the necessary foundation for academic engagement and achievement. They provide insights on how proactive and multimodal family engagement underpins the success of any district effort and share best practices for building meaningful connections with families. 

Listeners are guided on how to consider the strengths and challenges of their current school and district programs, how to build from strengths to align efforts, and how these programs directly impact literacy, mathematical fluency, and overall academic achievement in an environment that supports overall student development for lifelong success. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to PreK-12 school and district leaders.

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