Supporting Early Childhood Education Pathways with Micro-Credentials

February 23, 2022 Ascendium Education Group
Supporting Early Childhood Education Pathways with Micro-Credentials
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is hosted by Digital Promise and sponsored by Ascendium Education Group.
The edLeader Panel recording can be accessed here.

Can micro-credentials be used to create new pathways to social mobility for rural, urban, and suburban learners who are impacted by poverty, particularly for Black, Latino, and Indigenous people? Digital Promise joins educational leaders from Tennessee State University–the largest HBCU in the state–to highlight research on the use of micro-credentials in rural postsecondary institutions. The conversation focuses on career pathways in early childhood education. Listeners hear directly from rural postsecondary leaders and learners to understand how they are:

  • Using micro-credentials for affordable, flexible, and meaningful skill development that leads to better opportunities and higher wages
  • Increasing efforts to prioritize social mobility for poverty-impacted communities
  • Developing educator-industry partnerships to promote sustainable career pathways

This edWeb podcast is intended for PreK-12 educators and school and district leaders, adult education and career service providers, higher education institutions, employers, and community leaders interested in leveraging micro-credentials to create real-time pathways toward social mobility for people in rural communities. 

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