Closing the Learning Gap: High-Dosage Tutoring Support Under ESSER

March 09, 2022 VEDAMO
Closing the Learning Gap: High-Dosage Tutoring Support Under ESSER
Show Notes

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High-dosage tutoring is an essential tool for helping students catch up and fill in gaps after two years of disruptions. The Department of Education is encouraging schools to provide up to 90 minutes a week of tutoring per student. Many schools want to provide these services themselves, maintaining a strong link between classroom instruction and tutoring. But how can districts and schools do this with all the other post-pandemic stresses on their time and budgets? 

This edWeb podcast provides educators with information and strategies on tapping into ESSER funding to provide district-led tutoring. The presentation covers the funding options to support these efforts, how those funds can be utilized, and insights on state-level plans where they exist. Listeners are also provided with a white paper that goes into more detail about the topics covered. 

With the information provided, listeners have a clear understanding of the options for setting up high-dosage tutoring, how to access stimulus funds, and any state-level programs and guidelines. Learn how to provide extra support to your learners with confidence. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 teachers, tutors, school and district leaders, and education technology leaders.

Our goal is to develop and implement innovative e-learning solutions for a wide range of learners.

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