Practicing Resilience with Trauma-Informed Practices for Adults and Students

April 30, 2022 ClassLink
Practicing Resilience with Trauma-Informed Practices for Adults and Students
Show Notes

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Today’s educational landscape is fraught with challenges related to teacher attribution, learning loss, mental health, and safety, never mind the day-to-day instructional practices, and yet our educators continue to rise and meet these issues with their can-do attitudes. However, we need to support teachers as they expand their toolbox of strategies to include tactics to address the more extreme issues that are arising for kids both in and out of school. By strengthening such communication and connections, schools can continue to build a safe environment and positive culture so that the whole school community can thrive. 

In this edWeb podcast, teachers are equipped with research-based practices to build a resilient school culture. They grasp how to create a strengths-based framework to better understand, recognize, and respond to the effect of trauma schoolwide. Panelists Paralympian Harrison Orpe and seventh-grade teacher Laurie Nociar dive deep into practices from their respective fieldwork in therapy and schools, sharing strategies and practices applicable to both adults and students. Come join us to learn more about how trauma-informed care and practices can help shift culture, promote self-care and wellness, and address whole-child education, leading to improved academic and behavioral outcomes. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 and higher education teachers, librarians, counselors, and school and district leaders.

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