Literacy Instruction in the Real World: How to Reach Each and Every Student

May 27, 2022 Lexia Learning
Literacy Instruction in the Real World: How to Reach Each and Every Student
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The resurgence of equity as a buzzword in the media has resulted in an influx of vendors and thought leaders talking about the “best” ways to close equity gaps, often without research to back it up. To truly make a difference for students, educators need to focus on what the evidence says, and the evidence points to literacy. 

Literacy is at the heart of educational equity, and today, too many students are still not able to read proficiently. Educators need better support, resources, and tools to teach reading in a way that helps ALL students learn. Students and their learning needs are diverse, but we have the research on how to reach each and every one of them. That research is the Science of Reading, which is brought into the classroom through Structured Literacy and differentiated instruction. 

Listen to this edWeb podcast with educational experts Dr. Carrie Doom and Michele Pulver to learn what literacy instruction needs to be equitable, and how to implement those proven, equitable instructional practices in our classrooms and schools today. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to teachers and school and district leaders of the K-8 grades.

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