How to Set Up Your Math Classroom to Foster Engagement, Collaboration, and Problem Solving

August 19, 2022 Exemplars
How to Set Up Your Math Classroom to Foster Engagement, Collaboration, and Problem Solving
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Creating a learning environment that is exciting and engaging for students takes more than a good curriculum. How can teachers establish a classroom environment that helps students successfully learn mathematics while enjoying the process? Hit the ground running with effective ideas for establishing a classroom culture that inspires deep learning and gets students excited. In this edWeb podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What kinds of math tasks and problems should you be asking your students to work on
  • How to inspire students to construct their own understanding versus simply giving them algorithms
  • Questioning strategies to keep students thinking when they struggle
  • How your walls and classroom set up can help stimulate engagement while supporting your learning goals
  • How to arrange your classroom so that mathematical resources are readily accessible
  • How to arrange desks to stimulate collaborative mathematical investigations and discourse
  • How to establish a safe culture for sharing ideas and developing a growth mindset during the first few weeks of school

Listen to Jay Meadows and Jessica Alstete as they explore powerful, research-based best practices and draw on their extensive years of experience in creating engaging and thriving math classrooms. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to elementary and middle school teachers, math coaches, and school and district leaders.

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