Creating and Leading a Professional Team of Lifelong Learners

October 13, 2022 ClassLink
Creating and Leading a Professional Team of Lifelong Learners
Show Notes

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In today’s world where changes in technology are constant, school systems must assure that not only students, but also the entire district’s staff, have the opportunities to participate in ongoing, effective, and impactful technology professional learning opportunities. In this edWeb podcast, three leading superintendents share the strategies their districts implement to assure that their professional learning programs are aligned to improving digital literacy and the technology capacity of their educators, administrators, students, and even parents and families. 

When it comes to maximizing technology tools for learning, professional learning for all educators requires a focus not only on specific tools but also on impactful changes in pedagogy that support the sustained effective use of technology tools. Items covered in this conversation with the three superintendents include how school districts create professional learning opportunities that focus on specific content areas, provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and directly connect to the daily practice activities of their professional learners. 

This edWeb podcast is of particular value to superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, and aspiring school leaders.

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