Strategies for Effective Read Alouds

October 24, 2022 Frog Street
Strategies for Effective Read Alouds
Show Notes

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It’s not only reading success that is impacted by reading aloud to children. Read alouds strengthen their social, emotional, and character development for success in life. 

Reading aloud to early learners models fluent and expressive reading, models the reading process, facilitates comprehension for English language learners, provides interactions with a variety of texts, helps children make connections, stimulates participation, and encourages sharing of children’s thoughts. Listen to this session to learn ways to introduce and build vocabulary, and what to do before, during, and after a read aloud. As you will hear, it’s beneficial to have a read-aloud strategy for effective learning. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to early childhood teachers, librarians, and school and district leaders.

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