Critical Reading to Identify Credible Evidence: A Conversation with Dr. Jeff Wilhelm

January 30, 2023 edWeb
Critical Reading to Identify Credible Evidence: A Conversation with Dr. Jeff Wilhelm
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is sponsored by News Literacy Project and National News Literacy Week. The webinar recording can be accessed here

How can you engage and motivate students to think critically when navigating today’s complex information landscape? How can you help students develop the skills to evaluate the trustworthiness, credibility, and reliability of evidence? How can cross-disciplinary connections help your students in “fighting fake news”?

Listen to this edWeb podcast featuring the News Literacy Project (NLP) for a conversation around these questions with Dr. Jeff Wilhelm, Distinguished Professor of English Education at Boise State and literacy teaching expert. Dr. Wilhelm’s forthcoming book is Fighting Fake News: Teaching Students to Identify and Interrogate Information Pollution.

Dr. Wilhelm is joined by NLP experts Brittney Smith, Senior Manager of Education Partnerships (East), and Pamela Brunskill, Senior Manager of Education Design. Shaelynn Farnsworth, NLP’s Senior Director of Education Partnership Strategy, moderates.

The edWeb podcast includes a discussion of the need for and benefits of critical reading skills, as well as a look at NLP’s Framework for Teaching News Literacy, developed using the Understanding by Design template by Wiggins and McTighe (2005). Viewers learn about a variety of resources and techniques that they can implement immediately in the classroom. This edWeb podcast is part of National News Literacy Week (January 23-27), an annual event presented by the News Literacy Project and The E.W. Scripps Company.

This recorded edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 teachers, school leaders, library/media/technology leaders, and education professionals.

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