The Impact of Staff Shortages on Students with Special Needs

February 15, 2023 STAGES® Learning
The Impact of Staff Shortages on Students with Special Needs
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The number of students with disabilities in our nation’s public schools is growing, yet the number of teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff who are qualified and prepared to teach and support them is declining. Teacher and staff shortages predate the pandemic, but the pandemic has made the situation much worse. The current crisis is much worse for our students with special needs. 

In this edWeb podcast, we present new quantitative and qualitative data on the impact of staff shortages and hear, in their own words, from teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators on how this is affecting the whole school community. We review a range of ideas and solutions that can help to improve the situation. 

You also learn more about how to apply for a STAGES Learning ARIS Thrive Grant for autism educators. A $10,000 prize package will be awarded to four recipients who will be announced during Autism Awareness Month in April. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to any educator who works with students with special needs or who is interested and concerned about this topic.

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