Level Up! Improving K-8 Math Outcomes Using Digital Games

July 19, 2023 Prodigy Education
Level Up! Improving K-8 Math Outcomes Using Digital Games
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World-class digital games can spark a love of learning unlike anything else. As technology rapidly evolves, the number of careers in STEM-related fields is increasing dramatically. Educators can prepare students for long-term success by helping to establish and nurture a long-term love of math in K-8 students. They can do this by putting motivation first and blending the standards-aligned content math students need to know with world-class digital games.

Research has shown that digital game-based learning can increase motivation, build student confidence, and promote improved academic achievement in math. Listen to this edWeb podcast to:

  • Discover foundational research demonstrating the impact that digital game-based learning can have on academic and attitudinal outcomes
  • Learn how to implement a cycle-based model to choose digital games, integrate them into your classroom, and evaluate their impact
  • Hear practical tips for integrating impactful digital games into the K-8 classroom

Listen for a session that helps you to level up your use of digital game-based learning tools in the K-8 math classroom! This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-8 math teachers, school and district leaders, and education technology leaders.

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Kids practice standards-aligned skills in Math and English as they play fun, adaptive learning games

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