Family Engagement: Assumptions Made, Lessons Learned

July 28, 2023 ParentPowered, creator of Ready4K
Family Engagement: Assumptions Made, Lessons Learned
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is sponsored by ParentPowered, creator of Ready4K.
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It’s easy to make assumptions about what families need, what family engagement should look like, and why families don’t engage. But we can avoid this by approaching families with curiosity and by listening.

In this edWeb podcast, two family engagement experts share stories from the field about assumptions they’ve made about families that turned out not to be true. They share what they learned from these experiences and how they led to new systems and tools to break down barriers to engagement and respond to families’ strengths and needs. You gain tips, strategies, and resources to help you:

  • Bring family voice and perspective to the table
  • Break down barriers to engagement
  • Support families in ways that are just right for them

This edWeb podcast is of interest to PreK-8 school leaders, district leaders, and those involved with family engagement, school improvement, and parent and community involvement.

ParentPowered, creator of Ready4K
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