AI: Embracing the Opportunity

October 04, 2023 Eduscape
AI: Embracing the Opportunity
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is sponsored by Eduscape.
The edLeader Panel recording can be accessed here.

Hear an engaging and informative discussion on the impact of AI in our classrooms. Listen to this edWeb podcast with experienced district leaders and a professor who has conducted NSF-funded research on AI in education. The panelists share their experience and insight into:

  • Rethinking curriculum instruction and assessment
  • Empowering and supporting teachers with useful AI strategies
  • Guiding leaders and boards of education in creating policies and procedures

AI will have a transformative impact on student engagement. Join us to discover how to properly guide your teachers and school and district stakeholders.

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 school, district, and education technology leaders.

Eduscape designs professional learning experiences that are personalized, data-driven and adaptive.

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