Understanding Dyscalculia: Navigating Challenges in Mathematical Learning

October 09, 2023 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Understanding Dyscalculia: Navigating Challenges in Mathematical Learning
Show Notes

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In this edWeb podcast, the presenters discuss the complexity of dyscalculia, a specific learning disorder that affects numerical comprehension, arithmetical skills, and mathematical reasoning. They aim to provide a comprehensive overview of dyscalculia, exploring its causes, symptoms, diagnostic instruments, and potential interventions. Key highlights of this session include:

  • Characterizing dyscalculia: Starting from research in mathematical cognition, understand the fundamental characteristics of dyscalculia, differentiating it from other learning disorders
  • Neurological insights: Explore the neurocognitive basis of dyscalculia, uncovering how differences in brain functions contribute to difficulties with mathematical domains
  • Recognizing symptoms: Learn to recognize common signs of dyscalculia and discover why early identification is crucial
  • Diagnostic criteria: Summarize existing diagnostic instruments to identify dyscalculia and present innovative approaches for the diagnosis
  • Potential interventions: Discover research-based approaches and teaching strategies that can be used to support individuals with dyscalculia, promoting confidence and competence in mathematics
  • Classroom examples: Learn from students and teachers how to recognize dyscalculia and face its challenges

Whether you’re an educator, healthcare professional, or simply interested in learning more about dyscalculia, this edWeb podcast provides a unique opportunity to foster awareness, understanding, and empathy for those facing mathematical challenges in the elementary through high school grades.

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