Career Technical Education in Music with TeachRock

November 15, 2023 TeachRock
Career Technical Education in Music with TeachRock
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is sponsored by TeachRock.
The webinar recording can be accessed here.

This edWeb podcast highlights free lessons on TeachRock.org that teachers can use to introduce students to the possibilities of a career in the music industry. The featured TeachRock lessons give insight into the role and experience of audio engineers, music producers, tour managers, and working musicians. The lessons are designed to engage all learners through a multisensory approach. Students will view high-interest clips from the Emmy- and Grammy-nominated Soundbreaking series, read curated articles, and explore the concepts they are learning, firsthand, using TeachRock’s TechTool.

This session also features real-world experience and tips for getting started in the industry from seasoned music industry professional Joshua Zarbo. Joshua has played on numerous critically acclaimed recordings, performed on a variety of national and international media programs, and toured the world with Grammy- and Emmy-nominated artists.

A career in music can seem out of reach for most students. However, this presentation gives teachers free and immediately implementable lessons and tools to help students explore the various, and attainable, opportunities in this exciting industry.

This edWeb podcast was made possible by the generous support of the Les Paul Foundation.

This edWeb podcast is of interest to middle and high school teachers, librarians, school and district leaders, and education technology leaders.

An arts integration curriculum that uses the history of pop music and culture to help engage student

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