Leading Digital Learning – Successful Strategies for 1 to 1 Implementations

July 13, 2020 ClassLink, CoSN, and AASA
Leading Digital Learning – Successful Strategies for 1 to 1 Implementations
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is sponsored by ClassLink and co-hosted by CoSN and edWeb.net.
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In today’s world of ubiquitous use of technology, we still hear about school districts that move forward with 1:1 technology programs without thoroughly considering nor reflecting on the “why” behind that decision. Sometimes the reason may be the growing realization that students are digital natives and seem to prefer learning with technology, or it may be a sense of “peer pressure” to match a neighboring district’s technology program. Fulfilling a mandate from the local school board can also be the motivation behind a district’s launch of a 1:1 initiative. Regardless of the motivation, a district must create and own a comprehensive shared vision for implementing any technology program. Without that essential collaborative planning process, the result may be an effort that lacks the desired impact or worse, simply fails miserably.

In this edWeb podcast, hear from three superintendents who are recognized as technology leaders in their field. They share what it takes to successfully deploy, implement and sustain a commitment to digital learning. Each will share the “why” behind their successful technology initiatives.

This edWeb podcast is of particular value to school superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, and aspiring leaders.

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