Cyber Security – Concerns, Strategies and Solutions for Schools

July 13, 2020 ClassLink, CoSN, and AASA
Cyber Security – Concerns, Strategies and Solutions for Schools
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is sponsored by ClassLink and co-hosted by CoSN and edWeb.net.
The webinar recording can be accessed here.

With the increasing concerns about security among individuals, families, districts and legislators, and with increased teacher and student reliance on internet accessibility, school cyber security is subject to more scrutiny and questions than ever. It is now more critical than ever that school district leaders know how to take appropriate actions to be sufficiently aggressive in getting ahead of cybersecurity threats and problems.

In this edWeb podcast, three superintendents share their perspectives and experiences in dealing with the multiple issues that contribute to the complexity of managing and assuring cyber security in a K-12 learning environment. They examine the liability concerns when schools experience network security incidents and the impact those events can have on a district’s professional reputation and on teaching and learning. The legal requirements that school leaders need to know and how those rules change over time will also be reviewed. The impact of any kind of breach on student digital records is also explored.

Each of the superintendents share their own stories about how they have worked with their districts and other groups to map out plans for cyber security and the impact that a security breach can have.

This edWeb podcast is of particular value to school superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, and aspiring leaders.

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