Effective Technology Professional Learning - Leading and Collaborating to Assure Success

November 11, 2020 ClassLink
Effective Technology Professional Learning - Leading and Collaborating to Assure Success
Show Notes

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Maximizing technology for learning has never been more critical than it is today. Administrators, teachers, students and parents depend on a broad spectrum of technology tools to assure effective learning for all. Success in navigating the transition to virtual classrooms is one that requires specific skill sets for everyone involved.

This edWeb podcast features a lively, interactive discussion with the superintendent of Wake County Public School System in North Carolina and the district’s Chief Technology Officer along with the district’s Senior Director of Digital Learning and Libraries. Together they share the collaborative leadership work they employ to assure that professional learning experiences within the Wake County Public School System are effective in improving instructional practice in today’s virtual learning environments as well as inside traditional school classrooms.

Among the strategies they share is how they go about engaging teachers in sustained social learning with mentors and peers. They also describe the approaches Wake County Public School System uses to focus not only on specific technology tools but also impactful changes in pedagogy to support the sustained, effective use of technology for learning.

Listeners have an opportunity to learn how to apply the strategies shared within their own school settings. This edWeb podcast is of particular value to school superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, and aspiring leaders. 

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