Science Leaders Speak - The Unique Challenges of Science Education in a Post-Pandemic World

January 26, 2021 The New Meridian Science Exchange
Science Leaders Speak - The Unique Challenges of Science Education in a Post-Pandemic World
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As schools around the country struggle with uncertainty, many states continue their efforts to implement three-dimensional science standards, a difficult process under the best of conditions. Listen to this edWeb podcast to hear how educators can highlight the value of science education and continue implementing next-generation standards while meeting the challenges brought by COVID-19. 

Jim Pellegrino, Ph.D., an education expert from the University of Illinois at Chicago, moderates a roundtable discussion that will address the current challenges in science education and the critical changes needed to ensure children have the STEM skills to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce. 

Our expert panel will offer insight on science education research, curricula, assessment, professional development and policy, including:

  • The implications of distance science education and growing equity gaps
  • The complexities of transitioning to three-dimensional science standards
  • What can be done to keep science education in the local and federal spotlight

Listeners learn what they can do to effect change in science programs today and how they can prepare for the future of science education. This edWeb podcast is of interest to elementary through higher education school and district leaders, state education leaders, assessment directors, and curriculum directors. 

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