Empowering Students with News Literacy

March 01, 2021 News Literacy Project
Empowering Students with News Literacy
Show Notes

This edWeb podcast is sponsored by News Literacy Project.
The webinar recording can be accessed here.

When students connect strongly to what you are teaching, they become motivated to turn assignments into action. If you want to ignite a spark in your students, you don’t want to miss this edWeb podcast, featuring the News Literacy Project’s ambassadors. They describe how their students have elevated classroom lessons to the next level. You learn how to inspire your students as well. 

In the session, we also provide instructional resources for integrating these concepts into your classroom, explain the News Literacy Project’s free educator resources, including Checkology®, and introduce you to NewsLit Nation, our virtual professional learning community (PLC) to connect with and be inspired by other educators across the nation. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to teachers, librarians, and school and district leaders of the middle and high school levels.

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