Fostering Inclusiveness in the Classroom with Interactive Technology

May 17, 2021 Samsung
Fostering Inclusiveness in the Classroom with Interactive Technology
Show Notes

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Listen to this edWeb podcast to see how interactive technology has played an essential role in enriching hybrid learning environments for all students at Oak Meadow School. 

The panelists explore the key elements that make a classroom inclusive. They’ll also delve into ways to capture students’ imaginations and drive meaningful outcomes. Finally, they discuss the importance of having technologies and methods that are simple to deploy, easy to use, and ready right out of the box—for teachers and students alike. 

In this panel, learn how Oak Meadow School: 
Successfully deployed hybrid classrooms
Used full curriculums so teachers could teach and students could learn
Is planning for an inclusive academic culture post pandemic. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to school and district leaders, as well as district technology leaders, of the middle and high school levels.

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