5 Steps for Building and Strengthening Students’ Relationships

May 26, 2021 The Christensen Institute
5 Steps for Building and Strengthening Students’ Relationships
Show Notes

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Like discoveries washed ashore after a turbulent hurricane, the pandemic has exposed like never before both the importance of students’ social and emotional well-being and their need to equitably access supports in order for them to thrive socially and academically. This edWeb podcast reveals strategies that build and strengthen students’ relationships to help ensure schools not only come back, but come back better in serving every student. 

On May 4th, the Christensen Institute released a free, five-step playbook that distills decades of social capital research and cutting-edge practices from the field into a customizable roadmap that any K–12 or postsecondary leader can use to begin implementing the tools, metrics, and designs needed to ensure every student’s well-being and access to opportunity. 

edWeb podcast listeners understand not only the importance of students’ relationships to their personal, academic, and career success, but also how to incorporate intentional designs that reimagine students’ relationships as tangible outcomes to learning that far outlast one-time interventions. They also discover strategies that help adults who work with young people become both intentional and inclusive in building developmental relationships with all youth. They are introduced to the tools and tactics that could be implemented in standalone programming or courses. However, we encourage listeners to treat relationship building as a system-wide goal, rather than a one-off effort reserved for only a few students. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 and postsecondary leaders, defined as any innovative practitioner spearheading initiatives on behalf of students.

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