Personalized, Intelligent Professional Development for Teachers at Scale

June 10, 2021 2gnoMe Platform for Teachers
Personalized, Intelligent Professional Development for Teachers at Scale
Show Notes

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Nearly every district in America will open this fall facing the greatest hurdles they have ever faced as they attempt to overcome the learning challenges of the current COVID school year. They cannot meet that challenge unless their teachers are well supported and provided with personalized, high-quality, professional development that will help them be at their best. 

This edWeb podcast elevates awareness of the frameworks of effective teaching, in person and online/hybrid, and shares how these two frameworks are enabling school districts to personalize professional development for their teachers at scale. 

The presenters bring together teachers’ and system leaders’ perspectives from The Danielson Group and Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance to:

  • Share the importance of and understanding around these two powerful frameworks of effective teaching
  • Demonstrate how the system supports every teacher’s personalized growth and development at scale
  • Engage in a discussion on how to support your needs as you prepare your teachers for the coming school year

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 teachers and school and district leaders. 

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