Manage District Revenue and Expenses More Efficiently - Let Education Leaders Show You How

July 19, 2021 ClassWallet
Manage District Revenue and Expenses More Efficiently - Let Education Leaders Show You How
Show Notes

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The edLeader Panel recording can be accessed here.

The unprecedented level of federal funding provided by the CARES, CARES II, and the American Rescue Plan has placed new tracking and monitoring requirements on school districts and state education agencies. 

With the influx of these new funds, it is even more critical to improve the often-burdensome existing administrative process. School districts, school administrators, and education foundations spend an inordinate amount of time reconciling paperwork and receipts even for the smallest of transactions, and stress about the audit each year. Teachers don’t have the time to manage cash, checks, receipts, and forms. 

In this edWeb podcast, hear from education leaders about how they’ve addressed and solved these challenges. During this podcast, district and state agency panelists talk about how ClassWallet made it possible to:

  • Implement a scalable, efficient, cost-effective and transparent solution for payments, purchasing and reimbursements while maintaining the highest levels of accountability and productivity
  • Simplify the frustrating process of managing cash, checks, receipts, and forms, reconciling paperwork and receipts
  • Free up teacher time so that they can focus on meeting student needs
  • Promote and nurture an improved school climate for school staff

ClassWallet is not free but it is a cost-effective solution that provides a suite of integrated payment, purchasing and reimbursement solutions for the K-12 education market. State and local education agencies utilize ClassWallet to distribute funds to teachers, families, schools, and maintenance staff while providing finance officers with sophisticated oversight, reconciliation, and reporting tools. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 school and district leaders, state education agency leaders, finance officers, regional support education agencies, and nonprofit member and mission education organizations, as well as teachers. 

Eliminate paperwork and create a culture that people are excited to be a part of.