Selecting the Best Assessments and Programs to Support High-Quality SEL for Youth and Adults

July 26, 2021 Illuminate Education
Selecting the Best Assessments and Programs to Support High-Quality SEL for Youth and Adults
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For years, research has shown that social-emotional learning (SEL) increases positive social behavior and academic success and is related to children’s improved self-perceptions, grades, and school attendance rates. There is also strong evidence that explicit SEL instruction guided by an SEL program supports the development of essential skills. 

But behind these research headlines, SEL program designs and corresponding student outcomes vary substantially. As with any program or curriculum adoption, it’s important to closely review and evaluate SEL programs to make sure they fit the unique needs of your community. 

But what questions should you ask when comparing options? In this edWeb podcast, we provide guidance to help you select an SEL program, including:

  • Reviewing the key characteristics of an effective SEL program
  • How to evaluate SEL program concepts and frameworks to ensure they align with your school’s or district’s mission statement or strategic plan, 
  • How to evaluate programs to ensure they support your community’s stated vision and priorities, resourcing and capacity, and equity advancement

Hear the research that shows teacher social-emotional well-being influences implementation of student SEL programs and plays a critical role in advancing equity initiatives and improving teacher stress management.

 SEL will be an important component of return-to-learning plans. This edWeb podast provides valuable insights to ensure your SEL program is the best one to support your students and teachers. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to preK-12 school and district leaders.

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